Rockville, MD 20850

77 S. Washington St., Ste. 310

In April 2017, Yacub Law created the Rockville, MD office. The Rockville, MD office was created with the purpose of serving the Maryland community from Baltimore to Washington, DC.

Because of progressive laws the State of Maryland is friendly and welcoming to immigrants. In Maryland, immigrant youths may obtain a special custody order with SIJS findings up to their 21st birthday. In Virginia, Washington, DC and Texas, the order must be obtained prior to the 18th birthday. The SIJS petition, in many cases, is the first step for children to obtain permanent residency status. Maryland offers two additional benefits for immigrants. In Maryland, immigrants who reside in that state for two years may obtain a valid driver’s license, irrespective of the person’s status. Second, if the immigrant commits a mistake and finds himself or herself in criminal proceedings, the State of Maryland has more favorable laws to reopening their criminal convictions.

The Rockville, MD office handles removal cases and asylum petitions. In addition, out of the Maryland office, our attorneys work on complex immigration cases, including writ of mandamus and habeas corpus petitions in the United States District Court for Maryland. Finally, the Maryland office is the nerve center for Yacub Law Office’s business immigration practice, including but not limited to H-1B visa petitions, E-1, E-2, L-1A and L-1B as well as PERM applications with the Department of Labor.

To schedule an appointment in Maryland, please call 703 533 2347 and inform the frontdesk that you want an appointment with the experienced and qualified attorneys in Rockville, MD.