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Announcing Stricter Limits on Immigration

Liberty Has Its Statue. The statue of liberty is an important symbol for all of us who believe in equality and justice. For more than a century, its presence in the port of New York, the enshrined principle that the United States welcomes immigrants, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or nationality, was not controversial. Of course, the United States has not managed to fulfill the promise of equality and justice set forth in the statue of liberty. In the history of this country, there are many acts of injustice and abuse against vulnerable groups. The statue of liberty symbolizes what the United States aspire to become as a society.

The principle of inclusion, equality, and solidarity, which this important statue represents, was questioned by the head immigration in the Trump administration, KenĀ  Cuccinelli. Ken Cuccinelli, announcing stricter limits on immigration, first said that the promise of the statue of liberty is only enshrined for immigrants who do not need public assistance from the government. Second, he said that the statue of liberty represents immigrants from Europe and not from other countries.

Both statements are wrong and contain an elicitĀ and racist tone. The United States aspires, with the statue of liberty as its guiding light, to treat immigrants equally, with respect and dignity. This treatment is irrespective of where the immigrant comes from and is not limited to immigrants from European countries.

Our office stands with the principles set forth in the statue of liberty and our legal team will never forget that immigrants must always be treated with respect.