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Trump Administration Sought Ways to Exclude Immigrant Children From Public Education

Next week children will return to school. In Virginia, after a summer full of adventures, joy, and pool, next Monday, parents will post pictures of their children at the bus stop, ready for school. In Maryland, parents will have to wait one more week.

Public education is a pillar of American society. In school, children not only learn from their teachers but also learn from children from numerous countries, cultures, and languages. Public school is society and society is represented in the public school.

This week, we learned that the Trump administration sought ways to exclude immigrant children from public education. This idea to exclude children did not make sense for two reasons. First, the Supreme Court has already ruled that children, even children who entered the United States unlawfully, have a constitutional right to public education. Second, by excluding children from public education, the United States would create a class of educated children and a class of uneducated children. This type of division and separation could lead to social upheaval. For that reason, access to public school education should not be part of the immigration debate; instead, as a society, we must agree that children have a right to public education.

This weekend we celebrated Children’s Day. Every day should be children’s day and the immigration debate should never be a pawn in this matter.