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The E-1 Treaty Trader Visa can allow foreign nationals to partake in necessary “substantial trade” within the United States. If the visa is granted, the individual may enter the United States on a temporary basis to conduct necessary business, but acquiring this visa is much easier said than done. The qualifications for an E-1 visa are particular, which is why it’s in your best interest to work with a seasoned professional who has experience with E-1 visa cases. At Yacub Law Offices, we’re prepared to provide you with steadfast legal counsel for your business immigration needs.

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Since 1987, our team has been committed to using our legal experience and knowledge to help those in need of work visas, green cards, and other immigration documents. We have extensive knowledge of a variety of business immigration issues, including the procurement of E-1 visas. Our team understands the intricacies of U.S. law as it applies to immigration, and we can assess your situation and create a specialized plan to pursue the results your business requires.

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Do I Qualify for an E-1 Visa?

Only certain individuals qualify for E-1 visas, or Treaty Trader Visas. Generally speaking, these visas are reserved for business people planning trades worth more than $200,000 and must be involved with trade on a regular basis that is also based in the visa holder’s country of origin.

To qualify for an E-1 visa, the following must be true:

  • The visa holder must carry on substantial trade between the United States and the trader’s home country.
  • At least 50% of the trade conducted by the visa holder’s company must be between the U.S. and the visa holder’s home country.
  • The visa holder must be a national of a qualifying treaty country.
  • The items traded may include goods, services, transportation, tourism, technology, or insurance.

The applicant for an E-1 visa can be either the trader himself/herself, or the supervisor or executive who operates the trading firm. Ordinary skilled workers do not qualify for E-1 visas.

Required Documentation for E-1 Visas

Individuals who wish to apply for the E-1 visa must provide documentation that includes:

  • Statement explaining the details of your business and position
  • Documents showing trade between your country and the U.S., such as sales reports, invoices, shipping records, annual reports, tax records, etc.
  • Copy of passports for all applicants
  • Copy of birth certificates and marriage certificates for all applicants
  • Form I-94 and copy of U.S. visas

An attorney can guide you through the application process to help ensure that your petition includes all the necessary information for maximum chances of approval.

We’re Here To Help

As either a trader or the owner of a trade firm, it's important to ensure all international trades with the United States are lawful. To ensure your intended trades follow all applicable international laws, we encourage you to discuss the particulars of your situation with our attorneys. We are experienced in a variety of business immigration situations, and we can help you apply for the E-1 visa you require to enable successful trade within the United States and your home country.

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