Green Card

Lawful permanent residency or as it is also known, the green card. With it, an immigrant can work in the United States, with very few restrictions…

Provisional Waiver

The provisional waiver process filed on Form I-601A became a game changer in immigration law. Immigrants who in the past were…

Removal Defense

The most stressful moment of an immigrant is when Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE), at 6:00 am knocks on the door…


The naturalization or citizenship process, when once simply required filing the form N-400 and attending an interview, has become…


The deep rooted commitment to human rights and the protection of refugees is the DNA of Yacub Law Office. For that reason, Yacub Law…


“Immigration services cannot be considered routine transactions.”

Rather, each case is unique and the procedures can be complex.

The choice of form and the information to include in its blanks can turn a subtle fact that may not be apparent to those without legal training.

— State ex rel. Indiana Bar Ass’n v. Diaz, 838 N.E. 2nd 433, 445 (Ind. 2005).



– 1997, The Beginning

Yacub Law was created in June 1997 with three principles in mind: represent immigrants; take on the tough cases; and expand the rights of immigrants in deportation or removal proceedings.

In more than twenty years of practice, Yacub Law has met its founding principles. With only a handful of cases in 1997, Yacub Law represented immigrants from Central America, mostly El Salvador and Guatemala and later Honduras, and immigrants from the Eastern Horn of Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

– Early years, 2 Emblematic Cases

The first case involved an immigrant from Saudi Arabia who was accused of terrorism charges. The government used a section of the United States Code which permitted it to use secret evidence against the individual – evidence that could not be disclosed to the accused because of national security concerns. Attorney Ivan Yacub saw the unfairness of the use of secret evidence to expel aliens and challenged the use of secret evidence in the administrative and federal court process. For challenging the use of secret evidence, Ivan Yacub was awarded a prestigious human rights award in the United States House of Representatives.

The second case involved the son of a former dictator. The government accused the client of gross human rights violation and Yacub Law Office, after a four day trial, was able to prevail.

– 2007 up to today, Success!

Yacub Law has been on the forefront of advocacy.  In 2007, Yacub Law was able to set precedent on the rights of the criminally accused in immigration proceedings. Matter of Sejas, 24 I&N Dec 236 (BIA 2007). And less than a decade later, Yacub Law was able to set precedent on the rights of aliens who apply for cancellation of removal and asylum. Jaghoori v. Holder,  772 F.3d 764 (4th Cir. 2014), Hernandez Avalos v. Lynch, 784 F.3d 944 (4th Cir. 2015) and Zavaleta-Policiano v. Sessions, 873 F.3d 241 (4th Cir. 2017).



           Next week children will return to school. In Virginia, after a summer full of adventures,…

Favian Crespo
Technical Director at Globant:
Ivan is an excelent attorney, who managed the issue of my Visa to be transferred from the company I worked for in Argentina to live in US. He is very thorough, analitic and detail oriented. He did an amazing job, getting everything ready on time within the timelines we discussed at the beginning of our conversation. He is definitely an expert on what he does, and he does it great. I would certainly hire Ivan's services again in the future should I needed to move to US again.
Favian Crespo
Flavia Jimenez
Sr. Attorney/ Project Director at Advancement Project:
I have known Ivan Yacub for a number of years and know that he has a strong commitment, motivation and knowledge of the law to be a true advocate for his clients.
Flavia Jimenez
Lucas E. Wall
CEO & Founder at TableLead:
Ivan is a highly knowledgeable lawyer that strives in obtaining the required results. I highly recommend Ivan and would reach out to him for assistance any time in the future.
Lucas E. Wall
Xavier Racine
Immigration partner:
Ivan is an incredibly knowledgeable immigration attorney in the area of removal/deportation defense. He is a zealous advocate for his clients and uses his creative statutory interpretation analysis skills to secure relief that eludes other lawyers.
Xavier Racine


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Lauren Truslow

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