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PERM (Employer Sponsored)

PERM (Employer Sponsored)

Obtaining Green Cards Through Your Employer

The PERM program allows businesses to test the United States labor market and if there are no qualified workers willing to work for the prevailing wage, to hire noncitizens and add them to the labor force. Yacub Law Offices works closely with businesses and immigrants to devise a comprehensive human resources strategy to hire noncitizens. We know how to create a solid recruitment plan for companies that complies with the PERM process. With our dedicated legal team in their corners, companies throughout the greater Rockville area have gained the flexibility to hire immigrants and add them to their payrolls.

Which Employees Are Eligible for PERM?

Employees under any valid immigration status who has work authorization in the US can be eligible for PERM, as long as the employer follows all the necessary requirements for recruitment according to the DOL guidelines.

What Are the PERM Labor Certification Requirements?

Employers need to be aware of the following requirements if they want to hire immigrant workers through the PERM program:

The position offered to the employee must be at or above the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) prevailing wage. The local labor market must first be tested for the availability of qualified and willing U.S. workers.

Employers are expected to attest to compliance with recruitment and other specific requirements instead of submitting proof with the PERM filing.
The DOL will audit the employer’s documentation to verify compliance.
Employers must create and maintain an audit file with evidence of recruitment and other supporting documents.

What Documentation Should Be Included in the PERM Application?

Your PERM application should include documentation that there are no qualified U.S. workers who are available to perform the role being offered. This is an important part of the recruitment process, and your documentation must demonstrate that you have gone through all recruitment efforts to find a U.S. worker.

Some required documentation can include:

• Job orders with the State Department of Labor for at least 30 days

• In-house job postings with descriptive information

• On-campus recruiting

• Job fairs

• Website postings showing recruitment efforts

• Newspaper ads

• Employee referral programs

• Private employment firms

The requirements may vary depending on whether the position is a professional requiring a bachelor’s degree or more, or a non-professional position that does not require a degree.

Let Us Guide You Through the PERM Process

Yacub Law Offices helps employers navigate the PERM labor certification process for their employees. When you choose our firm to represent you, we will stand by your side and advise you and prospective employees regarding all procedural and documentary requirements. From careful and detailed case preparation to in-depth legal advice and counsel, we will make sure you are equipped for any obstacles you might face with your PERM application.

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